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Altered States of Consciousness

Ever wonder why out of reach answers and solutions suddenly surface when you’re zoning out? Throughout history humans have experienced moments of insight through natural yet altered states, and now scientists are capable of isolating these moments of clarity. Those who understand brain waves can access creative, problem solving space time and time again – by choice.

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Finding Your Rhythm

Nature has a really deep and resilient intelligence, with seasons and cycles, steadiness, and a keen ability to dance to the beat of its own rhythm - with exquisite timing. Each person's body has its own natural  and unique rhythms as well. Do you know yours? Many health challenges can occur when a person gets out of sync with their own rhythm and push the river. When you are in the flow, in your rhythm, life becomes more effortless!

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Field of Unity

Many people are undergoing significant changes in their lives and feeling the worry or uncertainty of it all. Likewise, the collective unrest is palpable as our world is experiencing huge changes and can feel very polarized. Old forms dissolve and new ones will form in their place. Meanwhile, it can feel as though we have one foot in the old and the other in the new, while being stretched in between.  

Times of great change also offer incredible growth – but first we must transcend fear and embrace the sanctity and perfection of any differences. 

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The Wisdom of the Heart

While some may still assert that “The heart is just an organ that pumps blood,” the heart has many other wonders not commonly known. This article covers some recent research on the heart and how its unseen power plays an remarkable role in our lives, beyond the more known phenomenal physiological functions.

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Assess Your Stress

The word “stress” has many meanings, and it is often considered an intrinsic part of life that cannot be avoided or assuaged, yet the ramifications of it affect our health and well-being. This article directs you to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale and provides insights on ways to greatly reduce stress in your life.

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