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Healing the Past • Empowering the Present • Creating the Future


By assisting you on the journey within, Align Within inspires possibility, empowers healing, and catalyzes transformation. This provides you with the support you need to live the fullest and brightest expression of who you truly are.

Align Within provides integrative hypnotherapy, human design readings, audios and remedies to facilitate positive transformation in all areas of your life.


Health & Well-being

Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy.


Rest & Relax

Hypnotherapy sessions are a profoundly relaxing way to enjoy a “mind spa.”


Explore Your True Nature

Being you and loving you, begins with knowing you. Human Design foundation readings give you the map of who you truly are and show you how to navigate it.


Audios & Essences

Treat yourself to restful and supportive audios and flower & gem essences.



"…Lisa is a highly competent therapist; methodical, caring and attentive. I was impressed by her professionalism and precision in her work. As well as dealing with my immediate health issue, the sessions that I experienced with Lisa were hugely relaxing and energising.  Thank you."  - Ian H – Company Director, London

"Lisa's warm, compassionate presence allows me to relax and open to new insights and understanding. I was able to uncover …an important key to some current issues troubling me and replaying unconsciously. This session helped me to shift out of that pattern and let go of the feeling of guilt and shame. Thank you, Lisa!" - Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT, author, yoga instructor - Menlo Park, CA

"Lisa Smole's past-life regression work is masterful. She is a compassionate, expert guide into the subconscious and superconscious realms; assists impeccably with processing aspects of the separate self and offers loving support on the journey to healing and wholeness." - Brad Laughlin, spiritual teacher, author - South Africa




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