About Lisa

I'm a student of life and the ways of the heart, mind, body and spirit...and the harmonious alignment and integration of all aspects of ourselves with our deepest essence. My training and offerings encompass an eclectic list which continues to evolve because I value my own growth and transformation. While I deepen and integrate my own experiences, knowledge and skills, I am inspired to extend a hand to you - to empower you to confidently live the fullest and brightest expression of who you truly are.

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I am a certified hypnotherapist with with an initial tier of training that required 300 in-person classroom hours from a state licensed school. I then completed an additional 100-hours of training in natal, inter-life and past-life therapy, and an additional 100-hour training in medical support hypnotherapy for accelerated healing and pain control. I am a Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist (CMS-Cht) and a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy (FIBH), an organization which holds high standards for hypnotherapists. Medical support hypnotherapy is a wonderful complement to standard medical care, naturopathy, physical therapy, dentistry and more. It gives me great pleasure in doing this work to witness client success through their making positive and deliberate use of subconscious and superconscious levels of awareness. The result is greater joy, less stress, an acceleration of the body’s natural healing abilities, peace of mind, resolution to problems, clarity and spiritual connection.  

As a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, I routinely integrate NLP into my practice.

I am a licensed dental hygienist in the state Oregon.  Licensure requires a specific university degree in dental hygiene, passing national and regional licensing exams that are both written and practical, and passing state exams regarding jurisprudence and ethics, along with BLS certification. Well over two decades of working in dental settings in various capacities has helped me to sharpen my attention to detail, efficiency and diligence, and has helped me to cultivate a natural calm, compassionate sensitivity towards people, particularly in the face of challenges or time constraints. 

Also in my toolbox is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with experience in managing overall corporate operations. I understand life and work stress which can contribute to mental and emotional dissonance, physical illness and spiritual disconnect. Corporate business experience helped me to hone in on what is important, how to prioritize, how to manage a team of people and orchestrate overall operations, etc. Yet, my greatest contribution was my ability to see the underlying gifts and potential in people, and empowering and inspiring them to grow into that potential. The same deep caring and intuition are are an integral part of my hypnotherapy sessions and Human Design readings.

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One of my passions in life for well over 20 years is martial arts.  I taught Shoshin Ryu martial arts for 10 years in Los Alamos, and currently conduct workshops and teach one-on-one self-defense skills in Oregon. I have also discovered a passion for qigong. Qigong and martial arts, like hynotherapy and Human Design, can realign your perception of self, teach mindfulness and presence, and help you develop a calm, inner strength. I integrate martial arts and qigong principles with my other offerings because yes, a properly aligned mind leads the body - yet the body leads the mind. 

Meditation practice has also been a joy of mine for over two decades. Just like hypnosis, meditation calms the mind, calms the body and calms the spirit, so you can rise above it all and experience the joy of being.

In my spiritual studies, I have been blessed to learn powerful processing techniques that assist in unraveling deeply held and outdated limiting beliefs and polarized states which limit our capacity for fulfillment, well-being and joy. When appropriate, inter-life and past-life work can be keystone methods to clearing old blockages, integrating knowledge and wisdom from many lifetimes, and allowing an experience of our true essence - the love, joy and peace that are already there.

With all of that said, my goal is to help facilitate healing and transformation by assisting you in going within. When you align within and integrate that wisdom, healing is possible and you are empowered to create a better future. All of the modalities that I offer share the basic fundamental premise and goal of putting you in the drivers seat of yourself and your life. Please know that I am not your authority - I will help you to step into your own power and connect with your own inner authority. We are each unique and have innate, inner intelligence that allows us to navigate life optimally. My heartfelt desire is to be there for you as you align within to your own wisdom - to help you become the alchemist of your own life, transforming your “problems” into precious gold, so you can shine your unique brilliance in the world.