“I used the Carefree Surgery audio recordings before and after a recent surgical procedure. The recordings enabled me to attain a sense of peace before heading to the hospital, and helped me to stay calm going into my procedure. I have used the post-surgery audio steadily while meditating ever since, and my recovery is going tremendously well. I have had very little pain, and felt quite positive about the entire situation - I know that the Carefree Surgery audios have contributed greatly to this process.”

Melissa Riedel-Espinoza, teacher - Santa Fe, NM

“I found Lisa from a specific search for a Medical Hypnotherapist in my area. I felt this credential marked someone specially trained in areas I needed help with. Lisa has been empathetic, responsive, professional and a wonderful soul. It’s clear Lisa is doing something she is passionate about. Her ability to form a heartfelt connection, combined with advanced training and multiple years of practice, really helps her to connect with her clients in a supportive and respectful way. I’ve also used several of Lisa’s audios from her website and also from our sessions. The quality is good, and I found the audios to be a great support to what I was working on with her. Bottom line: Lisa is a winner!”

JB Cottrell, Counselor, CDMS - Portland, OR

"Lisa's warm, compassionate presence allows me to relax and open to new insights and understanding. I was able to uncover a past life that gave me an important key to some current issues troubling me and replaying unconsciously. This session helped me to shift out of that pattern and let go of the feeling of guilt and shame. Thank you, Lisa!"

Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT, author, yoga instructor - Menlo Park, CA


"Lisa Smole's past-life regression work is masterful. She is a compassionate, expert guide into the subconscious and superconscious realms; assists impeccably with processing aspects of the separate self and offers loving support on the journey to healing and wholeness."

Brad Laughlin, spiritual teacher, author - South Africa


"My past-life and inter-life regression session with Lisa was very powerful. Her soft voice, energy and guidance let me go into my own self in way I could not resist...simply effortless. It was something like meditation that you open up and let whatever arises be there fully, without having to stop it or change it. It was a profound 'trip' inside my own consciousness - not like anything else I had done before! I felt surprised and in awe with the results and the experience has stayed with me to this day. Afterwards I was transformed - with compassion and acceptance of myself. I highly recommend that anyone to have a session with Lisa. She ever so gently, magically and effortlessly guides you to an inner space where so much is ready to be revealed - and it is all done with so much respect and love for your own journey. Pure magic! Thank you, Lisa!"

Charu Rachlis, Psychologist, spiritual teacher, yoga instructor


"Lisa was an incredible and wise guide in my past-life regression. Her year of deep self-inquiry and spiritual practice add much to her expertise in hypnosis. Her calmness and caring for me through the session and during follow up helped me gain the most from the experience. I highly recommend her services as a resource for anyone pursuing a deeper understanding of themselves."

Melody Long, RN - Portland, OR


"I worked with Lisa in a past-life regression session to explore a life long fear -- a fear for which I couldn't find roots in my conscious experience.  I had no previous experience with hypnosis nor past-life regression, and I didn't know exactly what to expect. I was pleased to find that Lisa was professional and supportive. She has a warm, even disposition that put me at ease throughout the session. I was grateful for the accompaniment she provided while prompting me to notice and make my own discoveries. It was quite empowering in this way. (I didn't feel at all manipulated or pressured.)

The session itself was useful in clarifying the roots of my fears, and Lisa guided me in bringing resolution to an anxiety-ridden experience, a metaphor for life.  I experienced a sense of affirmation, self-compassion, and healing as a result. I would highly recommend working with Lisa. She operates in a caring, competent, and thorough manner -- precisely the qualities needed for addressing tender issues."

Rev. Amy-Marie Babcock


"My past life regression with Lisa Smole provided me with insights to egoic patterns that I had been struggling with in this life time. Lisa created a safe place for me to go deep and to trust the process.  After the session, her guidance and discussion helped me to understand and integrate my past life experience. Lisa is a gifted healer, and I highly recommend a past life regression with her."

Mona Ruark - Santa Fe, NM


"I received Hypnotherapy from Lisa concerning a periodontal issue that I have been in the process of healing. Lisa is a highly competent therapist; methodical, caring and attentive. I was impressed by her professionalism and precision in her work. As well as dealing with my immediate health issue, the sessions that I experienced with Lisa were hugely relaxing and energising.  Thank you."  

Ian H – Company Director, London


"The sessions that I had with Lisa exceeded my expectations!   At the time of my first session Lisa made me feel very comfortable and her voice put me at ease and helped me to feel relaxed. Yet I still wondered what would happen! The after-effects verified that it was indeed effective.  I was elated to experience that my fears had significantly abated, never to return.  As a result of my sessions I feel more confident and self-assured." 

HB - Los Alamos, NM 


"I have received several hypnotherapy sessions from Lisa.  She was extremely well prepared for each session and I saw immediate results in my life.  Lisa clearly cares deeply for helping her clients achieve their goals and offers profound skills. Her work with me helped me quickly overcome several issues I have worked on for years making little progress using other healing disciplines or self-help methods.  I experience profound clarity and relaxation in my sessions with Lisa and I highly recommend that others give it a try."

GS – scientist, Los Alamos, NM


"I originally booked an appointment with Lisa Smole following a sports related injury. Unsure as to what hypnotherapy could do for pain, I was impressed with not only the immediate relief, but also how quickly I healed. Sometime later, I broke my leg in an accident. Lisa immediately made me an audio recording to play before and during surgery, and made sure I had it right away. The surgery went smoothly, and the anesthesiologist even commented the brain monitor reflected my being in a deep state of consciousness, different than just being 'out'. By the time I returned home from the surgery, Lisa already had a new recovery audio ready for me in my inbox. As of my last appointment, my healing is ahead of schedule, and I attribute much of that to Lisa being so supportive and generous with her time and technique. She has since treated me for a variety of issues, each time with a deep and powerful result. Her soft, calm, demeanor, and smooth technique actually make treatment really enjoyable. Like many, most of my familiarity with hypnotherapy came from TV shows, and entertainment. True hypnotherapy is nothing like that. I was fully conscious through the whole process, and it's as though Lisa knows how to tell my mind to make my body do what it's supposed to. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and have even sent several of my own patients to see her, with fantastic results."

Henry Ahlefelder, DOM – Los Alamos, NM


"I just listened to the new custom cd for the first time. It is perfect!!! Lisa is definitely doing what she should in this life. This all has been absolutely life changing (even when I've fought it). Thank you so much.

My 50 year detour from my own life was possibly unavoidable to keep my sanity. But, I have my life back - Thanks to Lisa!  And I don't intend to waste a second."

PS – Los Alamos, NM


"I have been a jujitsu student of Lisa for over five years and have derived great benefit from her incredible coaching abilities as well as the custom audio that she created for me. The audio precisely identifies the specific areas that will have the largest impact on my performance and improvement. Her delivery is extremely professional, motivational and effective. Lisa is a superbly talented hypnotherapist and I can attest to her wonderful skills that enable her to ascertain the best approach to meet the needs of each individual. I recommend her to anyone seeking to improve performance, clarity of thought or other areas of personal development."

Blaine Asay, PhD – Los Alamos, NM


"I practice martial arts and found that Lisa's sports performance hypnotherapy recordings helped me relax and gain confidence in my abilities. Daily sessions were easy to accomplish because of the convenience of the recordings. When it came time to test for my black belt, I felt calm, relaxed and confident and Lisa's sports performance recordings were a large part of my success!"

Michael Scisco – Albuquerque, NM


"After struggling with a sports related mental block for years, I was about to call it quits until I found Lisa. After only a few sessions, my mind was finally back in the right place and I was competing above where I ever thought I could!"  

Anonymous State Champion