Martial Art


The Body Leads the Mind.

Personal growth and development can be simple and swift... and yet sometimes it just isn't. The path of transformation isn't necessarily a smooth one that rises at a continual, gentle upward slope. Sometimes the path upward and onward is bedecked with challenges and limitations, stepping stones that seemingly cause us to stumble off balance. It is during these times that we could use a helping hand, someone with tools, who can light the way. Martial arts and self-defense skills are yet another tool to help us get up and dust ourselves off, and keep moving forward.   

Lisa Smole is a long-time practitioner of Shoshin Ryu. Shoshin Ryu is a dynamic, Japanese based martial art that meets the self-defense challenges of the times as well as honors the spirit of previous generations. Shoshin Ryu kanji literally translate to mean Truthful Heart Tradition. "Heart" in this sense is more exactly translated to signify a synergism of heart/mind/spirit, while "tradition" from "Ryu" represents a sense of fluidity or continuous flow as opposed to something static and stagnant.

Practitioners of the art develop physical and mental skills that lead to inner and outer harmony no matter what's happening around them. 

Contact Lisa for further information about how you can be empowered and recognize the truth that lies within by learning solid self-defense skills or martial arts.


“Seven times down, eight times up.”

— Japanese proverb