4 Session Performance Program

4 Session Performance Program

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Deeply Relaxing - Transformative - Empowering

Four sessions is a wonderful way to get back in the game and perform at your best. Whether it’s a fear of public speaking, or general stress or anxiousness that keeps you from performing your best, you can improve your life with the help of hypnotherapy.

Treat yourself to profound relaxation while clearing out old patterns or conditioning that may be holding you back from excelling at what you love to do. When those old barriers are cleared out of the way, you are aligned within, and can live the heart of who you really are.

Four sessions allows us to address moderately involved situations. For more complex situations it may be more appropriate to have 6 or more sessions. Common situations appropriate to the Performance package include:

  • Sports Performance issues

  • Fear of Public Speaking

  • Musical Performances

  • Business Performance

  • Accelerated Learning & Test Taking

  • And more!

You will learn self-empowering tools, such as self-hypnosis and processing techniques, to help you to answer your own questions and continue with your personal transformation process on your own.

When you purchase four sessions upfront, you receive:

  •      5% discount on sessions.

  •      FREE Relax & Heal audio.

  •      Online access to our supportive materials and downloadable documents.

More time may be allotted for the initial session so we can go over intake forms and cover relevant information. Adult sessions are 75-90 minutes. Teen sessions are 60 minutes. Child sessions are 30-45 minutes. Sessions are offered in-person at our Wilsonville, Oregon office, or worldwide via secure HIPAA compliant video system so that you can enjoy the experience from the comfort of your own home!

New Clients: Please fill out our online intake forms at least 2 business days in advance of your first session at align-within.com/intake-forms

Don’t forget to book your session day and time at align-within.com/calendar