2 Session Inter-Life Exploration Package

2 Session Inter-Life Exploration Package

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Inspiring - Transformative - Empowering

Whether you are interested in exploring why you experienced a particular family grouping or wanting to discover your souls purpose in this lifetime, this 2-session package is for you. Exploring the Inter-life can be a potent way to resolve recurrent issues, patterns or themes that keep showing up in your life. Not only it is a keystone method for clearing old blockages, it helps to integrating knowledge and wisdom from many lifetimes, and providing a life-altering experience of your true essence - the love, joy and peace that are often forgotten.

Two sessions allows us to dive deeply into the issue or situation at hand. The first session is a 60 minute session where we can talk about your goals and do a brief hypnotic session. The second session is a 90-minute in-depth Inter-life Exploration and healing session.

Group Inter-life Exploration sessions are also available.

This 2-session package offers a 5% discount over individual sessions. Must be aged 18 or over.

Sessions are offered in-person on Tuesdays at our Lake Oswego, Oregon office, or worldwide via secure video so that you can relax in the comfort of your own home! Please book your session at align-within.com/calendar.

New Clients: Please fill out our online intake forms at least 2 business days in advance of your first session at align-within.com/intake-forms