2-2-2 Generator Combo

2-2-2 Generator Combo

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Discover your unique place in the puzzle of life as a Generator! Understanding how you are uniquely designed to navigate through life makes life less frustrating and easier. It helps you to move forward feeling confident in who you are and deeply satisfied in life. You will learn simple and solid strategies for dissolving the resistance you face, how to make correct decisions for your life and trust your inner knowing.

This 2-2-2 Generator combo is transformative and brings you much closer to living as your true-self! You will receive…

  • the full 3-hour Human Design Foundation reading (two 90-minute telephone sessions that are recorded)

  • two 90-minute supportive hypnotherapy sessions to help clear what is in the way of you living as your true-self

  • a free supportive audio specifically designed for Generator Types

  • a free Relax into Healing audio

  • a Foundation Talking Chart from geneticmatrix.com for $37 (regular price $57)

Your Human Design sessions will include a brief overview of the Human Design system, an overview of your chart, and it will cover some of the main components of your unique design: Type, Strategy, Inner Authority and more. Your Foundation Talking Chart will have approximately 6 to 7 hours of unique and detailed audios about the primary elements of your unique design (purchased separately).

Your Hypnotherapy sessions can be either remote via secure video or in-person at our Wilsonville, OR location. These are invaluable sessions that can assist you in reaching your goals, clearing obstacles and help you align within so you can live life as your true-self.

It is generally recommended that you do your Hypnotherapy sessions after at least one Human Design reading, and that you book sessions upfront, and at least two weeks apart so you have time in-between to begin experimenting with the concepts and discovering where you get tripped up!

Remember to book your 90-minute remote and/or in-person sessions online via our calendar at align-within.com/calendar!